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High Power 405nm UV Curing Station

Ultra Fast solid metal construction designed to last for years.  Small Form Factor, digitally controlled.  The perfect match to your Phrozen Shuffle / XL / 4K Printer


Purpose built to provide the long lasting Reliable UV Curing

405nm Curing at it's Best

High intensity ultra violet array designed to cure your parts in record time

Our USA Support is second to none,  Printers, Parts, and Resin are all 100% Stocked in the USA.  Online support forums, digital training, documentation, and personal live video and desktop sharing training options are always available.

High intensity UV light 

(390 - 410 nm) for post curing, with intensity at 40 mw / cm^2.Can finish post cure within 10 mins, depending on your thickness. 

Use LED as light source. The lifetime is over 50,000 hours(Can sustain over 30 years with 4 hr daily use)

3 memory setting with time selection up to 9 hr 50 mins. 

Machine Size: 21.6cm x 20cm x 15cmTray Size: 12.7cm x 17cm x 7cm 

Tray design with light filter. Easy to use and protect your eyes. 

Power Output: 65W, Power Input: 100-240 V AC / 50-60Hz.