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Specialty Resins


405nm Easy to Print Resins for  Custom applications.

All of our resins have been custom formulated to work the best and fastest with Phrozen ParaLED light engines.  Make sure to check the resin profiles page to download the settings for your printer.

405nm Curable

Our resins although tuned for our unique light engine are compatible with all 405nm UV LED Based 3D Resin Printers.

Easy Clean Up

With a quick spray of Isopropyl Alcohol, to clean up the print initially, and a 5 minute bath in our ultrasonic cleaner, all the fine detail is revealed and ready to cure.

Low Viscosity

In the world of LED Based Resin Printing Viscosity plays a huge part in surface finish, and ease of printability.  Our resins are extremely thin in consistency and print beautifully without the need to warm the resin before printing.

UV Curing

This process couldn't be easier, after your Ultrasonic Cleaning, just allow to air dry then place in our high intensity UV Curing Chamber for 5-10 minutes depending on wall thickness, and your ready to put your new product to the test.........